The BlackSky Advantages - sophisticated Cloud-based security hardware and software
Why does BlackSky have an advantage over its competitors?
  1. We focus on community security management. Most of our competitors are focused on accounting, document management, rules enforcement, and other administrative activities. While these are certainly relevant, our focus is on the safety and security of the community, since we believe nothing is more important.
  2. We are very hands-on with clients. When you need something done, we handle it right away!
  3. Our pricing model provides value-priced entry points and long-term price security. We focus on building mutually-profitable long-term relationships, not making a quick buck.
What if I have special needs that require customization?
Since in-house programmers and designers built and maintain BlackSky's software and hardware, when customizations are needed, we can quickly handle them in-house. Your highly-specific business rules can be built into your BlackSky installation! For example, if you have a member-only lane, we can implement specific logic to enforce that kind of restriction.
How much does your solution cost?
Since we developed this sophisticated software, we own the licenses, so our pricing is extremely competitive. We want your business! We meet with you, determine your exact needs, and create a customized quote that fits your needs and budget. The 4-part quote includes hardware costs, installation costs, licensing fees, and maintenance fees.
How "secure" is your software?
Since we wrote the software, there are no unknown third-part security holes to worry about! We are computer security experts, and we continuously test and adjust our software to strengthen our security posture.
How "secure" are your servers?
We primarily use Linux-based servers and PC workstations due to their high reliability, speed, and unmatched security. Our Cloud servers are hosted by one of the largest hosting companies in the world, and are fully hardened and monitored continuously by both BlackSky and the hosting company.
Some of our Gate Officers are not very computer-literate. Is the software easy to use?
All BlackSky software is designed for speed and ease of use. Customers tell us it's the easiest security software they've ever used. Generally only a few letters are needed to find persons, and a couple of screen taps will open the Gate after recording the visitor information. Although we provide initial and on-going training, for the most part the software so well-designed that it is self-explanatory.
What if the Community Manager suspends a company or person and wants to deny them access to the community?
Changes made to person records by community management or security personnel (in SkyWatch™) are updated in GateWatch™ immediately.
What about service and support?
Our service level is outstanding. We are available to cure problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are available for training or advice 7 days a week.
  • We handle all system data backups.
  • We maintain all BlackSky-installed hardware - both preventative maintenance and emergency repairs.
  • We monitor your hardware remotely. We call YOU when there is an unexpected hardware outage!
  • All maintenance requests are free, included in the monthly maintenance fee. We don't want users to hesitate when requesting help, so unlimited support is priced into the contract.
Why not just use the software provided by our Guard / Security company?
You may change security companies, and you don't want that change to be hampered by the fear of changing software systems too. Most software provided by guard companies is weak, insecure, and not comprehensive in scope like the BlackSky security suite. It's unlikely they will sufficiently customize their software to your unique needs. We work WITH security companies to train their officers on our software.
Do you sell and/or install gate lift-arms, loop detectors, and other heavy gate equipment?
No, BlackSky partners with the local gate-equipment security integrators who sell or propose to sell to a community. We can work with a community's current gate hardware and vendors. We can work with any gate hardware vendor. We do not sell, install or maintain gates themselves. The software for managing gate access that is typically included with these gates is very low-quality and one-dimensional, and cannot be managed remotely. Instead we focus on creating world-class security management software that addresses a wide variety of community management needs.
Do you offer guard or security staff services?
No, BlackSky partners with the local security companies who have security guards on-staff to serve you. We are a high-tech security software and hardware company, not a guard staffing company. We can work with any security company, so we are eager to partner with yours! We help their guards do a better job of protecting you. We make the clearance process far more efficient and reliable, so that visitors feel comfortable and welcome while residents feel secure. We also help the security management team to manage their guards more effectively. Our technology transfers much of the gate-opening discretion from the guard to the community management through digitally-enforced business rules. Management (through business logic) should decide whether to open the gate, not the guard.