Club and/or Hotel Database Integration
SkyWatch™ and GateWatch™ can be linked to third-party databases to integrate club social members and hotel guests into the gate security infrastructure.
Typical Users:
Gate Officers, Community Manager
Method of Use:
Database synchronization happens automatically. Social club members and hotel guests appear in GateWatch™ when users search for names. SkyWatch CMS can also be used to look up information about social club members and hotel guests (configurable).
Example of Use:
  1. Steve Newclubmember joins OceanBlue Club today.
  2. OceanBlue Club activates him, takes his ID photo using a badging program, and issues him a magnetic-striped ID card.
  3. The BST synchronizer program links with the Club database that night, and imports the new photo and data.
  4. The BST synchronizer program also updates the HOA database with all other relevant changes in the Club's database.
  5. The BST synchronizer program automatically deactivates several Club members' gate access since they became inactive today.
  6. The next day, Newclubmember arrives at OceanBlue Club's front gate.
  7. Newclubmember swipes his new ID card, and the gate immediately opens.
  8. The Front Gate officer sees the new member's photo ID on the PC station's screen.

Standard Features:

  • Dedicated synchronizer keeps up-to-date with changes in Club's membership (and ID photos and cards) and/or hotel guest lists.
  • Separate data screen for each club member, including contact info, gate events, and more.
  • Club members can clear guests, which is all tracked carefully and can be restricted with your business rules.
  • Separate data screen for each hotel guest, including gate events, and more.

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Integration with club's ID system so members can use club cards at gate*
  • Integration with hotel system so that hotel guests can use hotel keys at gate*
  • Hotel bellstand and/or Front Desk can be alerted when a hotel guest clears the Gate for the first time, so they can greet the guest by name and have their check-in underway.

* They must be using ID cards that have magnetic-stripes we can read.