CommWeb - A secure website for your community's residents
A secure website for homeowners to use to review their profiles, view their clearance events and guest lists, clear guests, and more.
Typical Users:
Homeowners, Community Managers
Method of Use:
Internet browser with secure, reliable internet access
Example of Use:
  • A Homeowner uses Mozilla Firefox, opens his community's website, clicks "Secure Member Login", and logs on securely using his email address and password.
  • He clears two guests for tomorrow.
  • He reviews his teenager's gate clearances.
  • He changes a phone number on his vClear "authorized numbers" list.
  • He changes his vClear PIN.
  • He updates the phone number and email address that will be notified by gAlert on guest arrivals.
  • A member of the Board of Directors logs on securely and opens the Community Reports section, where he accesses various reports about the community available only to Directors and management.

Standard Features *:

  • Review homeowner's "Homeowner Profile" (view-only access to non-confidential personal info known to HOA)
  • Review homeowner's gate clearance events
  • Modify homeowner's vClear PIN code & authorized phone numbers
  • Review homeowner's vClear voice messages left
  • Modify homeowner's gAlert phone number to call, email and SMS text-message cellphone number to notify on guest-arrivals
  • Review homeowner's gAlert notifications archive
  • Review homeowner's Guest list - past and present
  • Review Guests' gate clearance histories & reports
  • Use Guest-clearance tool
  • Use Large Guest-List Uploader utility
  • Review homeowner's CommWeb log-in history

* Standard Features are optional, and can be removed or customized to specific needs.

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Customized design services are available to match the look & feel of your current HOA website.