SalesSys - Point Of Sale System Built Into CloudSys
POS (Point of Sale) System for selling products or services to business-employees, homeowners, club members, or companies.
Typical Users:
Public Safety Welcome Center, Community Manager, Accounting Department, Receptionist
Method of Use:
This CMS Module is accessed through SkyWatch™, using an Internet browser like Mozilla Firefox.
Example of Use:

HOA Welcome Center sells an ID card

  1. OceanBlue Community Association has a Welcome Center where venders send their employees to purchase ID cards, background checks, etc.
  2. Lisa Jones, a vendor's new employee, wants to purchase an ID Badge.
  3. The Welcome Center officer logs into SkyWatch and sees "Sales" as one of the primary options on the top horizontal navigation bar.
  4. She clicks the Sales link and the Sales Page opens, showing grids of pending, current, and historical transactions.
  5. She clicks "ADD SALE" and a window pops up allowing easy data entry, highly customized by customer type and product sold.
  6. She chooses "EMPLOYEE" (other options were Company, HOA Member, Club Member, Walk-in).
  7. She types "jone" into the customer name field. The names that contain that text string appear below the input box. She sees "Jones, Lisa (bus-employee)" and clicks it.
  8. She clicks the "Products" drop-down list. She sees "ONSITE VENDOR ID BADGE" and clicks it.
  9. She notices that the Effective Date is preset to today, and the Termination Date is preset to 1 year from today. Since that is correct, she clicks "SAVE TRANSACTION".
  10. The Page changes to show the entire sales batch. The officer could add additional items to this sales batch at this point, like a background check or a T-shirt. Instead, the officer types "Lisa Jones" in the Payor field, types 32 in the Amount paid field (Lisa gave her $32; the charge is $31.50).
  11. The officer clicks "FINALIZE SALE",
  12. then clicks "PRINT RECEIPT".
  13. The Cash Drawer opens and the officer gives Lisa her receipt and $0.50 change.
  14. The ID badge was created in the badging system automatically when the sale was finalized.
  15. The officer opens the ID badge program, searches for Lisa Jones, and opens her account.
  16. The officer prints the ID Card (using the ID badging program and ID printer) and gives it to Lisa Jones, who signs and keeps the ID.

Standard Features:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited virtual cash drawers
  • Sales data archived forever
  • Drawer reconciliation process with detailed daily reporting
  • Tight internal controls built-in and driven by customizable business logic. Example: ID Badges and Daypasses must be created through a sale in the POS system, thereby ensuring that no ID cards are given away for free.
  • POS transactions show in a special tabular grid in each person's and company's page (specific to them).
  • Products can be restricted to certain users, so that the HOA Receptionist has access to selling different products than the Welcome Center staff.
  • Local administrator can add/delete/update products and product details.

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Member-credit system
  • Integration with physical cash drawers
  • Data exportable to other accounting packages
  • Daypass creation can be linked to a camera to print the buyer's photo on the daypass (photo will appear at Gate during clearance)