SkyWatch™ - Secure remote web-access to your database.
This CMS (Community Management System) core module manages a comprehensive database of properties, persons and companies that are related to your community, and provides the base for other CMS modules.
Typical User:
A community's management and administration, board of directors, security officers, Welcome Center employees, and others involved in the operations or management of a community.
Method of Use:
Internet browser with secure reliable internet access
Example of Use:
  • A Community manager starts his PC, opens Mozilla Firefox, logs into his SkyWatch™ homepage, and looks up persons, companies or properties.
  • The manager uses SkyWatch™ to transfer a newly purchased property to a new homeowner, and deactivates the previous homeowner. This action immediately updates the Gate, preventing access to the ex-homeowner while enabling access for the new owner.
  • The manager deactivates a company whose liability insurance is expired. This immediately deactivates all employees connected to that company.

Standard Features:

  • Extensive and customizable reports built into all sections of SkyWatch, as well as consolidated in a Reports section.
  • Person Info (standard) – anyone desiring access to the property for any reason (residents, short-term guests, long-term guests, renters, domestic employees, business owners & employees, day laborers, delivery personnel, club members, etc.); unlimited persons
  • Vendor Info (standard) – all details on companies / contractors that regularly work inside community; unlimited vendors
  • Schedule-based intelligent agent enforces customizable business rules
  • View real-time gate events, including photo IDs and gate surveillance photos
  • Change-auditing keeps track of all modifications made to any record.
  • User Homepage – user-specific page containing records of pagest visited or modified, user settings & profile, message board, and utilities specific to an individual user.
  • Report Scheduler & Report eMailer- schedule and automatically receive your favorite reports by email

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Customizable design can match specific customer requirements
  • Can integrate with most modern accounting programs (read-only view of data pertaining to that person, company, or property).
  • Can integrate with most ID badging programs or with a drivers license scanner, providing access to the ID photos.
  • Member-Directory export module exports the database's data directly to PDF or Excel.
  • Assigned-Parking Module simplifies managing (unlimited) parking spaces.
  • Pet Module helps Public Safety to keep track of homeowners' pets.