gAlert™ - Automated system that calls, text-messages to cellphones, and emails homeowners when their guests clear your Gate
System sends an immediate message to a guest's sponsor when that guest clears the Gate the first time.
Typical Users:
Homeowners, Community Management, Hotel Front Desk & Bellstand
Method of Use:
GateWatch™ Gate Management System automatically triggers gAlert™ whenever a guest is cleared through the Gate. gAlert™ immediately looks up the sponsor's pre-designated gAlert™ contact preferences, and can send the sponsor a cellular text-message, email, and/or a voice phone call (caller is a computer voice). Guest sponsors can opt-out of gAlert™ if they don't want to be pre-notified on guest arrivals.
Example of Use:
  1. Harry Homeowner clears his friend "George Guest" at OceanBlue Community's Front Gate using vClear™.
  2. During the vClear™ call, Harry opts to be notified when George arrives.
  3. George Guest arrives at the Front Gate.
  4. The Gate Officer quickly finds George in the GateWatch™ system, and clears him through the Gate.
  5. gAlert™ automatically looks up Harry Homeowner's gAlert contact information and ensures Harry wants to be notified.
  6. As George begins to drive forwards into the community, an automated phone call is placed to Harry Homeowner.
  7. Harry answers the phone and hears gAlert say: "OceanBlue Front Gate reports that your guest "George Guest" has cleared the gate."
  8. gAlert's message repeats 3 times, and then hangs up.
  9. At the same time, gAlert sends a cellular text message and email containing that message to Harry Homeowner.
  10. gAlert attempts to call Harry 3 times (every 2 minutes) if his line is busy or not answered.
  11. Although George Guest enters the community several more times over the duration of this clearance, Harry Homeowner is not notified past the first time George arrived.

Standard Features:

  • Can notify up to 1 phone number, 2 cellphones via text message, and 3 email addresses.
  • Sophisticated speech synthesizer speaks the name of the guest who has arrived

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Can be linked into vClear™ Automated Visitor Clearance System so homeowners can opt in or out of notification for each guest they clear.
  • Can email guest's photo from surveillance video or pedestal webcam frame capture
  • System can notify a hotel's Front Desk and/or Bellstand upon arrival of hotel guests.
  • CommWeb secure homeowner website can be used to manage the gAlert™ contact preferences.
  • System can notify community or security managers when any person on a gAlert™ "watch list" arrives (not just guests!).