vClear™ Automated Visitor Clearance System
Homeowners can quickly clear their guests using a voicemail-like system
Typical Users:
Homeowners, Club Members, Community Management
Method of Use:
HOMEOWNERS: User calls a phone number dedicated to your community, and speaks the guest's name after pressing a few buttons on the phone. If the homeowner is not calling from an "authorized phone number", he will be asked to enter his secret "PIN" number. Upon completion, an unnamed guest and sound file is recorded under the homeowner's name in the database.
GATE OFFICERS: The guards have 2 methods of recognizing the guests: fast-clearing and clearing on-the-fly. GateWatch™ has a Fast-vClear page listing all unprocessed voice messages. Guards can quickly listen to all pending messages and transcribe the guest names and clearance information. When a guest arrives, the guard searches for the homeowner, property, or guest name. If the voice message has been processed already, the guest's name will appear like with other guests. If the message has not been processed, a blank guest will appear in the "Authorized Guests" area with an icon indicating a voice message is waiting. The guard clicks on that icon and the voice message immediately plays, while the guard transcribes that information into the guest record.
Example of Use:
  1. Steve Smith, a homeowner at OceanBlue Community, calls his community's vClear™ phone number from his cellphone.
  2. vClear ANSWERS and RECOGNIZES Steve Smith's phone number. "This is OceanBlue vClear."
  3. vClear skips further authentication since it knows it's Steve Smith (configurable).
  4. vClear: "Arrival Date: press pound key for today or enter 2-digit month and 2-digit day of guest arrival. For example May one is zero-five-zero-one."
  5. Steve Smith: Presses # pound key.
  6. vClear: "Duration of visit: press pound key for today or enter the number of days the guest will be here."
  7. Steve Smith: Presses 5.
  8. vClear: "At the tone, say the guest's first name and last name clearly and slowly. If guest is from a company, say the company name also." [TONE SOUNDS]
  9. Steve Smith: "Susan Johnson"
  10. vClear: "You will be notified by phone and email when your guest clears the gate the first time. To cancel notification, press 5 now. Otherwise press pound key."
  11. Steve Smith: presses # pound key.
  12. vClear: "Call complete. You can hang up. To review, your guest will arrive [COMPUTER SAYS ARRIVAL DATE] and is cleared for [COMPUTER SAYS DURATION # OF DAYS] days. The guest's name is [COMPUTER REPLAYS CALLER'S VOICE SAYING GUEST NAME]. You will be notified on arrival. To delete this message and start over, press 5. Otherwise, press pound key or hang up. " [TONE SOUNDS]
  13. Steve Smith: presses # pound key.
  14. vClear: "Thank you for using vClear. Goodbye!" [vClear HANGS UP]

Standard Features:

  • vClear™ integrates tightly with gAlert™ Guest Arrival Notifiation System.
  • Homeowners can designation any number of vClear™ "authorized phone numbers".
  • If homeowner calls from a non-authorized phone number, he will be asked for his HOA ID number and vClear™ PIN number (for security reasons, to ensure it's really that homeowner).
  • GateWatch™ has a Fast-vClear page where officers can review all unprocessed messages quickly, saving time when the guest arrives.

Advanced Optional Features:

  • CommWeb secure homeowner website can be used to modify Authorized Phone numbers and vClear™ PIN code.
  • vClear™ calls are long-term archived. CommWeb secure homeowner website can be used by homeowners and managers to review and listen to old vClear™ messages. Homeowners will feel assured that their messages are recorded as intended, and can check whether anyone is abusing their account to clear unauthorized persons.
  • Voicemail prompts can be customized.
  • Community-specific business logic can be incorporated into vClear™ programming to customize clearance process.