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SkyWatch™ X X X Web-based Community Management System – secure remote access to detailed information regarding properties, persons, or companies connected to your community
POS (Point of Sale) Module   X X A CMS module providing a customizable Point of Sale System. Can be integrated with most ID badging software programs.
RedAlert Module   X X This CMS module calls and/or emails groups of recipients, as defined by you, and sends a common message to them. Great for emergencies or time-sensitive messages.
CommWeb™   X X Simple secure customizable website for homeowners to update vClear™ PIN codes & authorized phone numbers, clear guests, review gate and guest clearances, and personal information.
Hotel & Club Database Integration     X SkyWatch™ & GateWatch™ can be linked in real-time to a hotel and/or club database so that changes made in those systems are reflected at the Gatehouse. Thus, social (non-homeowner) club members and hotel guests could be authorized to use the gate, and their gate activity and guests would be trackable.
Permitting Module     X A CMS module for managing and tracking community-issued permits.
QuickText™ Messaging Module   X X CMS module for instant-messaging community employees via SMS (text-message) & email. Great for mobile workers who need better access to office phone messages.
SkySafe™ Public Safety Module   X X CMS module for managing a community’s public safety department. Includes EMS module, case & key tracking, vendor tracking, and extensive reporting capabilities. Customizable to specific needs.
GateWatch™ X X X Gate Management System (BlackSky hardware and software solutions for managing complex access control)
ALPR - Automatic License Plate Recognition   X X Automated system scans license plates of cars that enter community. Immediate lookup of plate information either opens the gate or alerts gate officer to the unknown vehicle. Provides powerful tracking to know who is or was on-premise (if all inbound & outbound lanes are scanned).
vClear™   X X Automated visitor clearance system, allowing homeowners to clear guests using simple phone prompts. CallerID-matching authenticates callers.
gAlert™   X X Automated guest-arrival notification - automatically contacts a guest’s sponsor (via SMS, email, & voice call) when guest is cleared. Cloud-based system (no phone lines or local hardware needed).
Drivers License Scanning   X X A customizable GateWatch module that uses drivers license scanners and/or magnetic card readers. Gate officer scans and/or swipes drivers license on guest's first visit. Thereafter, guest can use that drivers license to clear gate by swiping it in a magnetic card reader. Guest's photo is retained and displayed after swipe to confirm identity.