Drivers License Scanning - Ensure the identities of visitors
By scanning drivers licenses of visitors, communities ensure the guest is authorized actually the person cleared by the homeowner. The ID photo is copied and can be compared with surveillance videos. The D/L can be swiped in a magnetic card reader to speed identification and can even open the gates (configurable).
Typical Users:
Communities who want a faster and/or more secure guest clearance process
Method of Use:
BlackSky offers two approaches: magnetic stripe recording, or full Drivers License scanning (or both). In the first case, the driver swipes her D/L in the exterior magnetic card reader near her car window. In the second (scanner) case, the Gate Officer asks to use the guest's drivers license for a moment. The Officer places it on a special D/L scanner and presses a button. On all future visits, the guest can swipe their license in the exterior magnetic card reader to speed up the process.
Example of Use:
  1. A guest arrives at OceanBlue Community for her first visit (ever).
  2. The Guard asks the driver to swipe her D/L in the exterior magnetic card reader near her window. If linked to a surveillance camera, a facial photo of the visitor (taken at the moment of the swipe) can be attached to the guest record.
    The Guard asks driver to hand over her D/L for a moment. The Guard scans it with a photo-ID scanner, which records the ID photo and attaches it to the guest record.
  3. GateWatch™ receives D/L magstripe data from the swipe and searches its database for a match of license or name.
    1. If a matching license is found and the visitor is valid, a Green event is immediately spawned. Guest has swiped their D/L here before. (Gate Opens).
    2. If no license is found but the guest's name is found and is valid, this is the first time this pre-registered visitor has swiped a D/L. GateWatch™ will find and open the matching guest record for speedy clearance (beginning at iii below).
    3. If no match of a license number or name is found, the visitor may not have been cleared yet. Guard processes the visitor manually.
      1. Guard searches for guest-sponsor
      2. Guard presses "Registration" tab to create new guest record.
      3. License / Firstname / Lastname fields are auto-filled-in from the D/L swipe results.
      4. Guard records automobile info (if applicable).
      5. Guard adjusts the visitor expiration date (if necessary, default 1 day).
      6. Guard presses guest lane's green button to open the gate.
      7. The D/L info is saved to the guest's record for faster processing on this guest's next visit.

Standard Features:

  • Works with drivers licenses from 50 US States, military IDs, and several other ID types.
  • 1-second scan speed