CMS Permit Module - Helps manage community permitting
This permit tracking system help keep track of permits issued by an HOA to homeowners or on-site businesses. It guides the process from start to completion with customizable date and $payment fields.
Typical Users:
A community's director of public works and their assistants, community managers, whoever handles permits
Method of Use:
The CMS Permit Module is an add-on component to SkyWatch™ CMS, accessed using an Internet browser like Mozilla Firefox.
Example of Use:
  • OceanBlue Community has strict rules and processes for construction and other projects, including review committees, approvals, and permits (both county-issued and community-issued).
  • Bob Homeowner wants to build an addition onto his house. He visits his community manager.
  • The community manager opens SkyWatch CMS, and opens the Permit module.
  • He clicks "Add New Permit" and selects "New Addition" as a project type.
  • He adds Bob Homeowner's name and property to the permit screen.
  • He adds Bob's archtitect, builder, and major contractors to the permit screen.
  • The manager prints the Permit Profile for Bob Homeowner, showing fields for all due dates and $payments required.
  • The manager views the CMS person page for Bob Homeowner, noting that the new permit shows up in the person's "Permits" grid.

Standard Features:

  • Sortable, filterable reporting
  • Your business rules can cause some date fields to automatically fill-in based on another date being added or updated (like county permit approval).
  • Permit data is displayed on relevant pages for specific persons, companies, and properties linked to each permit.
  • By connecting permits to companies, Security officers can easily see what projects and properties that contractors are working on, and where to find them on-property.

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Permit-creation process can be linked to the POS Module to ensure adherence to business rules and collection of fees.