CMS QuickText Messaging Module - Messaging System for Community Employees
Send text messages to other users regarding missed phone calls or visitors. Replaces paper phone message book. Quick easy method to send text messages to specific users' cellphones.
Typical Users:
Administrative Assistant of Community Manager, Manager, Receptionist, Secretaries, HOA employees who receive messages at the office
Method of Use:
QuickText™ is a module added to the SkyWatch™ CMS, accessed using an Internet browser.
Example of Use:
  1. Previous to using QuickText™, when the HOA office staff were out of the office, the Receptionist wrote phone messages on a pink "Telephone Messages" book. She tore the top copy off and put it on the Manager's chair, leaving the carbon copy in the book. The Manager wouldn't get the messages until he was back in the office. Often the message slips were lost, and the carbon copy in the book was consulted.
  2. Now that they use QuickText™ for all phone messages, when the HOA staff is out of office, they can be alerted elegantly to their missed messages by text messages. The messages are archived for easy later retrieval.
  3. While the Manager is out walking the property, his assistant answers his office phone and takes a message for him.
  4. She opens SkyWatch™ and clicks the "QuickText" link, which opens a simple web form.
  5. She clicks on the Manager's name from a list.
  6. She sees the Manager's name and cellphone number listed in the RECIPIENTS box.
  7. She fills in the message blanks (who was caller, message, return phone#)
  8. She leaves the "SMS TEXT MSG" box checked.
  9. She also clicks "Copy to Email" checkbox so the recipient will get the message in his email as well.
  10. She clicks "SEND MESSAGE".
  11. The Community Manager receives the message immediately as a text message on his cellphone, and also (optionally) as an email.
  12. He logs onto SkyWatch™ that night from his home computer, and retrieves the phone number from that message again. He has access to all such messages sent to him (in the User Homepage). Since the messages are archived, he can look up messages that were left months prior.

Standard Features:

  • Quick easy interface is much faster than writing a message on paper and delivering the paper to a recipient's office.
  • You can send the same text message to multiple recipients
  • You can decide whether to also send a copy to email, or to only send as email (skipping the Text message).
  • On your User Homepage, you can view the messages you've sent and received. Archive data typically retained for one year (customizable).