SkySafe™ Public Safety module for SkyWatch™ CMS
SkySafe™ is a SkyWatch™¬†CMS¬†module that manages data and operations for a community's Public Safety department
Typical Users:
Public Safety department employees
Method of Use:
SkySafe™ is a module of SkyWatch™, accessed using an Internet browser.
Example of Use:
  • Officer Jones works for OceanBlue Community Public Safety Department. He logs into SkyWatch™ CMS and sees SkySafe™ as one of the top navigational items.
  • Jones clicks "SkySafe" link and enters the SkySafe™ homepage (can be set as the default page opened on login).
  • On the SkySafe™ homepage is a navigational toolbar for quick and easy task execution.

Standard Features:

  • Case file tracking system and customizable reports
  • Property keys tracking & check-out system (homeowners must leave a copy of their house keys with PSD for fire fighting, but vendors sometimes need the keys).
  • Resident vacation tracking (if homeowners want extra coverage while away)
  • Vendor-tracking for each property (pool, lawn care, maid service, etc.). PSD can know who has permission to be on each property.
  • Vendor-tracking shows all homeowner-clients of each vendor (pool company XYZ has these 10 clients in our community...)
  • Gate access immediately affected (denied) upon issuance of a citation (per configurable business rule).
  • GateWatch™ gate event viewer shows citation as reason for denied access.
  • Towing Reports
  • Citation tracking and customizable reports
  • Migration of data from current Public Safety databases
  • SkySafe™ can be accessed from Internet-enabled PSD vehicles

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Can be linked to CommWeb secure homeowner website, so homeowners know and approve of which vendors are associated with their properties.