GateWatch™ Security System - Efficient secure gate operations
Hardware and software core for managing access control of one or more gates of a community or secured facility.
Typical Users:
Front Gate officers use GateWatch™. Security and Community Management use Gate module of SkyWatch™ CMS.
Method of Use:
  • BlackSky replaces any existing gate controllers with the BlackSky GateCube™.
  • The GateCube™ links a database server with the (existing) gate access-control devices (card swipes, RFID readers) and (existing) gate hardware (lift arms, loops).
  • GateWatch™ is a user-friendly linux-based computer program that runs on a touchscreen-enabled PC workstation. It is used by Front Gate officers to observe and clear persons through the gate.
Example of Use:
  1. OceanBlue community has a single Front Gate with 3 inbound and 2 outbound gated lanes. Each lane has an overhead-mounted RFID reader (Weigand) and a drivers-window-level card swipe device (serial).
  2. The 5 Weigand devices are wired to the Weigand Board on the GateCube™. The 5 serial devices are wired to the Serial Board on the GateCube™. The 5 lift-arms are wired to the Relay Board on the GateCube™. The 5 ground loops are wired to the Loop Board on the GateCube™.
  3. When a driver swipes an ID card in the IDcard magstripe reader, the serial signal is sent to the Serial Board, verified against the local GateWatch™ database. If the ID badge is valid and active, a signal is sent to the relay to trigger the gate arm to lift.
  4. The car drives over the ground loop detector when it passes through the gate, which signals the Loop Board (and triggers the gate to go back down). The Loop Board makes an entry for the event in the database, allowing accurate counting of traffic flow.

Standard Features:

  • GateWatch™ continuously synchronizes its database with SkyWatch™, so both systems are always up-to-date with each other's changes. GateWatch™ is informed if management or automated systems activate or deactivate access IDs. SkyWatch™ is informed about all gate events and surveillance images as they happen.
  • The Gate module of SkyWatch™ CMS allows management to remotely monitor gates in near-realtime (3-second delay). It also has extensive gate-event search and reporting capabilities.
  • Software (instead of guard discretion) handles clearing all types of persons, including registered and unregistered guests, hotel guests, daypasses, club members, homeowners, and business employees.
  • Business-logic can be incorporated into the gate-clearance process so that community-specific rules can be enforced automatically.
  • The BlackSky patent-pending technology merges high-performance Linux computing with numerous input-output ports to manage all needed serial or Weigand interfaces in a single controller device. Our motherboard-daughterboards arrangement allows complete customization to accommodate any blend of inbound and outbound lanes and access-control equipment.
  • We work closely with a community's existing heavy gate equipment vendor to smoothly integrate with pre-existing installations. We don't sell or install gates. We make and sell the equipment and software that make them open and close efficiently and securely.
  • The base model of GateCube™ will handle 5 lanes (in or out), 5 ground loops, 5 Wiegand devices, and 5 serial devices.
  • GateCube's local database server ensures nearly 100% system uptime despite Internet outages.
  • Guards use a 19" touchscreen monitor, barcode scanner and magstripe-enabled keyboard for efficient guest clearance.
  • GateWatch™ links closely to vClear™ automated voice clearance system.
  • Customized guest dashboard cards can be quickly printed with directions to destination.
  • Manual gate clearances are tracked, with details.
  • Vehicle description info can be recorded in 3 quick screen-taps.

Advanced Optional Features:

  • Video surveillance can be integrated, attaching a small slideshow of security camera photos to each clearance event.
  • Drivers License scanner can be used to record IDs and ID photos (homeowners, business-employees, guests)
  • Drivers Licenses can be used to open magstripe-reader-equipped gates
  • Tablet computers can be used as portable officer workstations for mobile uses.
  • Additional lanes, gates, and access-control devices can be added easily.
  • Barcode scanners can be added to speed up daypass clearances and enhance their security.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition can be added to the process to speed gate-clearance and track which vehicles are on-property.
  • Speed-Dial telephone system integration allows guards to touch a phone number on the screen to place a call.